Resilient is a solid album that allows the listener to vibe out while getting to know more about Ehbert. I loved hearing about his experiences in Haiti in "Haitian Peppers". But being partial to his upbeat songs, "Self Love", "Filthy Rich", and "Infinite Love" are easily my favorites on the album. "Self Love" definitely gives me "Only You" vibes from the Notepad and was a great way to introduce the new music while bringing back familiarity with some of the old. Through his music, Ehbert has a way of describing love in a way that's genuine without being corny, which is initially why I became a fan. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Resilient and am looking forward to whatever Ehbert has in store for us with his music in 2016.               -   Kanikka Wofford

While listening to Resilient it will change your perception of time. The production is very soothing and patient; the lyrics are pretty straight forward and poetic. Certain songs sound like they came out of a diary, speaking about personal issues, those who helped get him to where he is today, and also paying tribute to his Haitian heritage. After listening to this, one can get a taste of Ehbert's enlightened mind and how he found the secret to true love.....loving oneself. If you don't love yourself at least a little bit more after listening to Resilient, then I suggest you listen to it again. The production alone is enough to lighten your mood.                -   Petey Arias

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